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A Profile On:
Dawn`Eagle Brewer Sr.
A life of ministry behind... And ahead.

Dawn`Eagle Brewer is Founder, President and CEO of Power Source Ministries, Intl,
which also encompasses Full Power Crusades, Dawn Eagle Brewer Ministries and The Power Source Kingdom
Church International. He is also a devoted Husband & Father.

His kingdom development and accomplishments thus far include:

Licensing as Minister: 1984.
Ordination as Elder: 1985.
Appointment as Assistant Pastor: 1986.
Completion of Ministerial Training & Pastoral Preparation: June - December 1988;
(Power of Love World Ministries, Inc.) confirmation by Dr. Morris Cerullo, "World Evangelism". 1989.

Appointment as Youth Pastor: 1989 -1993 Power of Love World Ministries, Bishop Ed Turner

Conceived "Power Source Ministries" on a ladder in 1992 while refreshing the paint on the sign of
the  bookstore  at Power Of Love Christian Fellowship, per Pastor Turner's orders on a Wednesday
night during bible study, dressed in a brand new outfit. Guess what the name of the bookstore was...
Power Source bookstore.  After he painted the sign, the book store closed.

He became a freelance Columnist for the N.F.T.A. Christian Magazine In California and rapidly
became recognized as a prophetic voice reaching more than 40.000 readers monthly with prophetic
articles and documentaries inspired to him by God. The words kept coming to pass. 1992-1994.

Launched a weekly radio broadcast, the “Power Source Connection” 0n KTYM Inglewood, 1440 on
the a.m. Dial. 1992-1993.

Installed as an interim Pastor in the C.C.M. Fellowship church  in Wyandanch, New York in 1994.

Consecrated to the Bishopric over PSM in December of 1997, then commissioned to serve on the board
as Eastern Regional Bishop for the Apostolic Baptized Church of Jesus Christ, Inc.; 1998.

Appointed Superintendent of the Power District in C.C.M.F. Inc and was appointed as Special
Assistant to the now C.O.G.I.C. National Bishop of Guatemala, Bishop Harrison Hale; 2002.

Launched the “Power Source Connection” TV Program in New York, which reached close to one
Million viewers on it's 30 minute telecast, three times per week; April, 2002 - November, 2004.

July of 2006; Ordained & Consecrated by the Abundant Life Church, Holbrook, NY. Apostle Greg Wilk

God is raising Dawn`Eagle up for such a time as this!

In July of 2010, Bishop was set forth by a host of premiere Apostles, Bishops, Prophets and Pastors
in the Body of Christ as an "Apostle" in the Kingdom of God, covering PSM Intl. and the affiliate
churches in his "Covenant Connection Association" fellowship. During this month of consecration &
celebration, His Mentor, (Bishop Noel Jones), His comrade, (Pastor K.T. Moreland) and fellow
Apostle, (Melvin Lyons) all came to honor Dawn`Eagle and to  impart a word of power to the clergy
and many others who were in attendance to witness his elevation.

Today, Dawn`Eagle is more resolute than ever before in his mandate to empower & ignite souls
across the globe, by preaching & teaching the word of God! Dawn`Eagle is anointed to dismantle
denominational walls and build bridges in the Kingdom of God!
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